Alpha Corporate Designs Inc.

"Helping you Chart the Course for your Furniture needs!"

Alpha Corporate Designs, Inc.

Founded: 2003

Owners: Elaine and Richard Joyce


Areas of expertise: Turn-key operation, measuring, drawing, space plans, flooring, wall-covering, prints, lighting, furniture

Company Profile

​​Alpha Corporate Designs, Inc. is a full service office furniture dealership located in Chesapeake, VA, working on projects throughout the United States.

About us

Helping you Chart the Course for your Furniture Needs!


We specialize in commercial spaces, redesigning everything from floors to ceilings.  We provide a variety of furniture, floor coverings, wall coverings, lighting and accent pieces to complete your office interior.  We also provide installation and moving services.

Alpha Corporate Designs, Inc. adds a personal touch to every situation at an affordable cost.  Our prices are competitive.  We represent over 300 manufacturers, and once given a budget, will exceed your expectations.

We are a small woman-owned business. We have catered to the commercial world for over 25 years. We specialize in office buildings, restaurants, clubs, hotels and universities. When it comes to commercial interiors, our interior specialist meets and surpasses all our customers' expectations. 

We are a total Turn-Key operation. We provide the                   planning, management, and implementation needed to complete the project from start to finish.

We design, specify, sell, and install everything from floors to     ceilings.